Our equipment
Bacteriological, parasitological and serological

Microbiological safety workbench
Preparation for infiltration and discharging in a directly following lock chamber, which is facilitated with a glove at the lock opening

Microscope to make fine distinction between bacteria and parasites

Table autoclave
Sterilization of medical material, surgery equipment, food and culture mediums

Laboratory pH-Meter
Table measuring device for pH value, conductivity, temperature, concentration of ions and REDOX-potential
Digital camera for microscopes
Technical apparatus which can disconnect the components of suspensions, emulsions and mixtures of gases with the help of centrifugal force

Color-Reader Minolta CR-10
Measures distinctions in color between assays

Apparatus for homogenization of assays in the microbiology
Assay is suspended pulsating movements in a sterile bag, so that shortly a representative solution of the analysed microorganisms develops without heat influence
Computer, laptop, pictorial documentation
Digital copier
Binder incubator BD 115
Memmert incubator SM 400
Melag Incubat Typ 80
MiniMACS Anaerobic Workstation
Determination of freshness of eggs (Haugh Unit)
Measuring device for tensile strength
Futura data collector
Electronical scale
Salmonella prophylactic examinations of eggshell and contents
Resistance determination of bacteria
Color Reader (AviPro® Plate)
Mikrobiologische Sicherheitswerkbank
Durchlicht- und Floureszenz-Mikroskop mit Digitalkamera
Wasser- und Blutuntersuchungen
Autoklavierung und Schüttler für bakteriologische Untersuchungen

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